Sunday, April 11, 2010

No. 3 Build a business with integrity as you stop the use of pesticides.

As the Meltdown continues to impact American jobs, lost both to outsourcing and to the death of American enterprise, more Americans live in daily fear of what is to come. Even as pundits and others in positions of influence promise us the long fall from hope is about to turn, continuing their cries of “recovery is beginning,”and “the market needed correction,” the truth stares us baldly in the face.

We are witnessing not correction but events which will change the world as we know it forever. The tsunami of monetary and economic shock waves are only now beginning to hit.
Americans need work right now, not later. All of us need good health and fewer chemicals in 

Our choices matter and choices made today will impact children unborn. Now, as never before you can act to broaden and illuminate a real path to survival and prosperity. America began as a collection of small towns where people managed their own business. It can be so again and so avoid what government and corporations have wrought.

Over the next six months I'm going to be writing about small businesses you can start for yourself which turn off the corporate spigot, moving you and your community into the New Economy. These are ventures which can generate income for you and turn off the flow of money to Greed Corporations.  Many have concluded relocalizing is our only alternative today. 

  There is more than one reason we need to return to community.  Keep this one in mind. 

Big government and Big Business have proven to be unworkable tools for human organization for many reasons. One reason is the presence of psychopathic individuals who, lacking conscience, will do anything to achieve their goals. Once viewed as a problem solvable by traditional therapy, today psychopathy is viewed very differently. Examining the patterns, now obvious, in corporations and government, such experts as Dr. Robert Hare, who originated the first tests for identifying psychopathic behavior, have concluded the behavior is not limited to those truly without conscience. The behavior is readily adopted by those in contact with psychopaths, who observe and emulate 'winning' behavior. This can be corporate, as discussed in his book, “Snakes in Suits,” or in government.

This explains why those in positions of power are willing to lie, cheat, steal and kill with no show of conscience and why we need to turn off the spigots of profit for Greed Corporations.

Business which transitions use of services and products from Grid Products, such as pesticides and chemicals, to sustainable alternatives of all kinds, are essential to relocalizing and bridging the present meltdown. Starting such businesses promotes the rebuilding of local commerce, community organizations, and local economy.
In communities we work, live, and get to know who we can trust. It is there we must restore the means to manage our common needs and interests, building a firm foundation for new prosperity.

We have a lot to work with.

Stephen Tvedten will be on his way to China this week, invited by business there to partner with them to produce an entirely organic pest control product which will be used in China to produce vegetables and other produce to be sold widely in China, Europe, and the United States. Using Tvedten's patents and knowledge, they know they can build market shares which will produce a substantial income stream. For his participation Tvedten will personally receive 15%. For Stephen the money is not the motive.

Stephen Tvedten's mission for the last many years has been to provide, for free to Americans, the same basic Intelligent Pest Management (R) information and several non-patented formulas (he will now travel to China to formulate and field test organic pesticides now providing for profit to China Qinghai General Health Bio-Science Co., LLC, savvy innovators who want to stop the damage presently being done to the environment in China.

Stephen incorporated his effort, which is called, Get Set, Intelligent Pest Management  (R) . He provides all the professional information you need to start the same business for the US in his book, downloadable for free, on the Internet

Why would Stephen be willing to give away ideas which could make him wealthy? For him the goal is building a healthy world for his grandchildren. Stephen owned a prosperous extermination business when his unborn son and uncle died of causes he realized were exposure to the toxic chemicals he, himself, had introduced to their lives. Desperately ill himself, he sought treatment and recovered.

Afterward he gave away the business and set himself to finding alternatives so his tragic losses would not happen to others. All profits are not counted in money.

Many tens of thousands of people have used Stephen's Intelligent Pest Management (R) to solve their own pest control problems today.

On Stephen's site you see this posted.

The Best Control 2 is a reference manual based on exhaustive research in the field of nontoxic pest control or IPM. This guide will teach you how to implement nontoxic alternatives to pesticides safely and easily by yourself. This information is provided as a free resource to encourage the spread of safe alternatives to chemical poisons, and thus reduce contamination to ourselves and pollution to our environment."

When you are moved to action any one of us can do much more than we imagined possible.
Stephen made it his life's work to find those other courses. You can start your own business using the information Stephen freely provides.

By so doing you begin the process of solving problems without toxic chemicals today in routine use. Children will grow up healthier and our communities will be improved in many ways. Our water will be cleaner and if enough of us take up this work the oceans will stop becoming dumping grounds for chemicals which are killing the life there and coming back to us in the food we take from those same oceans.

Instead of just protesting you make a business of cleaning up our world.

Your costs will be lower than companies which handle the problem with chemical killers from such corporations as Dow Chemicals. Now, when you are wondering how you are going to survive, you can begin building a new America.

Organic, sustainable solutions do not need to cost us more and the list of opportunities is long.
In Florida, where termites cause multiple needs for tenting homes, there is a solution to now existing structures which are now being tented as often as once a year because of termite infestions.  Hank Albarelli, author of "A Terrible Mistake - The Murder of Frank Olson and the CIA's Secret Cold War Experiments," said he would do that - if he had the time.  

For restaurants, which are struggling to end infestations of cockroaches, it is in the book.

The book is over 2000 pages long and the number of solutions to specific problems is enormous – more are added all the time. Stephen tells you when he updates the book, if you ask, and so you know when something is added. Stephen is partnering with America Goes Home, a not for profit, in putting up a directory so you will be able to list yourself as providing Intelligent Pest Management (R) Services. Steve received queries for this service regularly. Others are providing instructions to starting your own business and building out into your community and those will soon be available on the America Goes Home site.

Stephen Tvedten's tragedy and work has made this possible. By adding value to his work thousands of Americans can act out their convictions while supporting their families.

Given the state of the economy and the need to remove toxic influences this may be the most important work any of us could take up.

Rebuilding community today is a one step at a time journey. Refocus local. See the wonders humanity has created. Envision the world as you would have it be and get started.

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